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"Qatar deserves the best from its people" A shared responsibility statement declared by His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the State of Qatar - may Allah bless him - in his speech, which, for Amjad International Academy, is an honor to adopt through a strategy that employ and make the most of and the available support and opportunities, to share the aspiration and be a part of the change. 

The path towards world civilization is based on a sound belief of the values we pursue and the vision we look forward to together with all sectors and bodies in the country, with determination to achieve them as an educational academic institute that has been established in an educational group in a country that supports education and excellence, bearing in mind that education remains as the most powerful investment in our future. That is what Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser said when she recognized its value saying, “Education is the only investment with zero risk, while its profitability is endless.” As we are opening Amjad International Academy, we are proud to present you the best. We have been keen to maintain the highest standards in all of our departments including an experienced administrative body, a group of highly qualified teachers, systematic plans deriving their originality from our rich heritage and speaks the world’s language and provides knowledge with a distinctive approach, education with fun and life with skills. We thank you for your enthusiasm and passion, and welcome your children proudly. We invite you to be part of the team in all productive partnership opportunities, because we are together, fellow citizens.

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A world-class educational institute. With a competitive spirit and high ethical standards.

Being a beacon of knowledge, distinguished by its methods, tools and goals.


To modernize and keep up with academic and scientific development.



To drive the educational process to produce a pioneering, creative and innovative personality.


High Ethical Standards

To emphasize and focus the high ethical and moral standards and their origins from our religious values and cultural inheritance.



Model Education

Building an educational model based on systematic thinking that is implemented by a highly qualified local and international educational expertise with the highest academic qualifications, with a greatly skilled administrative team according to the most efficient administrative standards, modern and safe technological facilities and eco-friendly buildings.


Academic Excellence

Achieving academic excellence through innovative programs, community partnership and continuous development.


System Administration

Nurturing and upbringing students with outstanding research skills and influential leading characteristics along with paying a special attention to gifted and talented students.

Amjad Educational Platforms


Organization Chart



Dr. Mohammed Al-Awadi: Why partner with Amjad International Academy and Hadara Foundation?
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The Administrative Staff


School Manager


Executive Manger




Deputy Director for Administrative Affairs


Assistant Accountant


Executive Manger


Student Affairs Coordinator


Academic Vice-Principal


Social Worker

The strategic Objectives of the Academy


Concept and Emergence

The State of Qatar experiences an accelerated development and has high ambitions to prepare for an educated population based on the human development pillar of Qatar’s National Vision 2030, which states, "Development of all its people to enable them to sustain a prosperous society." Aiming at "building an educational system that meets modern international standards and is equivalent to the best educational systems in the world”, which encourages analytical and critical thinking and develops creativity and innovation was the idea behind "Amjad Academy", which clearly reflects adopting that vision, contributes to the promising excellent educational institute that supports it, and achieves it.

Our Facilities

The building includes an indoor gymnasium, outdoor playgrounds, life skills halls, a library and various laboratories.
The building’s details show careful attention to the smallest details to ensure students safety. High quality, European made Vinyl flooring has been installed internally according to precise industrial specifications.
The building is equipped with emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and full attention is given to special needs students facilities.
The building is equipped with emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and full attention is given to special needs students facilities.
Our students can enjoy the splendor of exploration and learning from the library's treasures of knowledge.

Educational System

Amjad International Academy provides bilingual education by delivering the British curriculum in addition to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar's national curriculum for Arabic Language, Sharia Studies and Social Sciences.

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Educationl Stages

Amjad International Academy has three educational stages: Elementary, Intermediate and Secondary. Educational stages will be opened gradually for each class. The academy’s capacity is approximately 480 students, 24 classes, each has 20 students.

Expense Details

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Great Words About Amjad

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Excellence Mark

Excellence is a part of our vision and a tool to achieve our goals for our new generation to be influential, inspiring and capable. Academic and vocational programs and activities are integrated to enhance the learning process, enrich scientific content, diversify personal persuasive and influential tools and sharpen and develop students’ personalities to achieve balance and moderation.


A program that aims to introduce the child to his rights to create a simplified legal culture.

In this program, skills are discovered, sharpened, driven, and rewarded to open new opportunities of creativity.

The program answers, “What will you do to express your love for your homeland?”

The idea of live and practical experience of obtained theoretical knowledge by relocating students to natural environments through arranging multiple site visits.

Developing mental skills by playing

Students are trained to prepare their own bags within the life skills series of the child’s education.

A program to activate critical thinking.

A cooperative program with the family to ensure the students’ positive interaction within their family environment.


Frenquently Asked Questions


When does Amjad International Academy open its registration?

Registration is opened annually, and the announced registration period is disseminated by the Private Schools Affairs Administration. Any registration after the mentioned period will require the approval of the director of the Private Schools Affairs Administration.”

What are the admission requirements for Amjad International Academy?

Amjad International Academy adopts an inclusive approach to admit students from different ethnicities and races, characterized by fairness and transparency in accepting students who wish to enroll, in line with its mission and vision.

The academy administration strives to accept all students who meet the requirements if there are available seats. In the case of no vacant seats, the student is put on a waiting list with prior knowledge of the guardian. Priority in admission is given to:

• Students of Medad International Kindergarten.

• Brothers and sisters.

• Students who achieve high scores in admission tests.

• Talented students.

• Children of academy staff.

• Children of employees of Hadara Foundation”. Priority in admission is given to:

• Children of employees Abdul Jaleel .AbdulGhaniSonsTrading Company.

ما الصفوف الدراسية التي تضمّها أكاديمية أمجاد الدولية؟

تضم أكاديمية أمجاد الدولية حاليًا درجات المرحلة الابتدائية فقط. سيتم فتح المراحل المتبقية (الإعدادية والثانوية) بشكل تدريجي لكل عام دراسي. تتسع أكاديمية أمجاد الدولية لما يقرب من 480 طالبًا ، بمعدل 24 فصلًا ، يتكون كل فصل من 20 طالبًا.

Is Amjad International Academy accredited?

Academy Amjad International has received accreditation from the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities (ASIC).

What curriculum does Amjad International Academy follow?

Amjad International Academy follows the British COLLINS INTERNATIONAL CURRICULUM, in addition to the national curriculum for Arabic language, Islamic studies, and social sciences of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar.





Al Wakrah, Qatar


Mobile:+974 50555469
Mail: contact@amjadacademy.qa

Hour of operation

Sunday - Thursday: 07:00 AM- 03:00 PM

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Amjad International Academy Enrollment Application Form
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